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We invented the DoooX Shop especially for you as our members. Innovation - this magic buzzword – that makes your professional life easier and the treatment outcome more predictable, will always be our priority. All products are approved by our top team and represent the state-of-the-art level in dental devices and high quality materials. The DoooX approved label is our standard.

Lazon Laser

SOLASE dental diode laser is a new product for soft tissue treatment. SOLASE laser is controlled by iPhone, Patients’ treatment records can be saved. The SOLASE Laser can generate a shortest and highest frequency laser pulse in the market - up to 10us of interval and 50kHz of repetition - helping to reduce the charring and accelerate the postoperative healing. SOLASE is CE approved.

Lazon Laser & Supply...


BrightTonix Y10

Y10 Whitening Kit

Y10 Whitening Masterbox

Augma Bio Materials

3D Bond 0.5cc

3D Bond 1cc

Bond Apatite 1cc

Kometa Bio

Dentin Grinder Kit

Disposable Grinding Chamber

Smart Dentin Grinder

Ophis Dentaire

Ophis Dentaire Size L

Ophis Dentaire Size M

Ophis Dentaire Size S